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At ROQAY, we believe that education is the key to our future success and the progress of all nations, therefore, it can’t be restricted to the limitations of a traditional classroom. We have made it our mission to make the learning process accommodating to everyone’s needs by utilizing the best of what technology has to offer in the educational field and acquiring the elite talents in the education industry to introduce E-Learning solutions that will make learning simpler, easier and more effective. Please contact us for more information and inquiries regarding ROQAY’s E-learning solutions.

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E-Learning Solutions

We provide cutting edge solutions to various educational and training institutions (such as schools, universities, training centers, companies, etc...) in all aspects of learning and teaching including content building, content submission, tests, assignments, discussions, virtual classes and many more.

LMS Applications

We provide learning management systems, which are web-based application programs or technologies used to plan, implement and evaluate a specific learning process. The learning management system typically provides teachers with a way to create, deliver, and monitor the participation of trainees and evaluate their performance.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Is the use of small and portable wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers, to ensure that the learner can access the educational content at any time and from anywhere.

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